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Since 1992 in the market, our expertise in Information Technology and Marketing has made a difference in all the projects and businesses that we involve. In 2001, we were in 1st place at INFORUSO, the largest trade fair in the sector in MG, due to our high power to potentiate an idea, with intense business capacity, in an integral, responsible, efficient and effective way. We were responsible for the idealization of the site, awarded by Sucesu-MG.

INGOUT is specialized in offering the best solutions in Information Technology, in a constant fusion with the Marketing. To this end, we have developed and implemented solutions that seek to help small and medium-sized companies, generating specific technology platforms for each business, allowing us to reach objectives, with greater organization and reduction of time. In addition, it has strategic partnerships and inventory of products, parts and supplies, according to the deadlines requested by each client.

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