Godta = Accept

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Godta is short, easy to spell and brandable! Super Rare!

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Godta means “accept” in Norway. It’s a global brand in the making!

Godta.com could be the next online payment startup company!

5 Letters. Simple. Similar brand .coms have sold for six figures.

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BostonProgress.com is for sale!

For the second year in a row, Boston was named the top place in the country for startups by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation in a new report.

Kenmore Square, foreground, stands with the city skyline behind it.

“A constant inflow of capital has fueled the rapid growth of the city’s startup ecosystem, while having some of America’s top universities (including Harvard University, Boston University and MIT) in its backyard produces a steady stream of new tech talent,” the report noted.


Boston is a hotbed for growth!

Your brand could be BostonProgress.com!

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Here’s an example of Global thinking vs. Regional thinking

If your business or corporation aims at being a global competitor, .COM is the only choice.

.COM is the premier domain extension and recognized world-wide vs. country codes like .us.

Our available portfolio includes:

Teviz.com vs. currently company using Polopique.pt

Isical.com vs. current enduser is using Isical.ac.in

Intical.com vs. current company using Intical.com.pe

Bentstick.com vs. current company using Bentstickbrewing.com

Riscol.com vs. current company using Riscol.jp


Your Domain is also your Brand! Choose from these gems!

.Com is King!

Shorter domains are easy to remember and easy to advertise!

Teviz.com   Philsar.com   Panbers.com   Aryex.com  Godta.com   KimCu.com   Ramenu.com     Klicku.com   Scisso.com   Gobful.com   Shamro.com

Isical.com  Intical.com  StemUk.com  SunyCo.com  AirTeo.com  Smixer.com

LoSwim.com  GiWater.com  Yenku.com SkypeL.com

Kendria.com   Peyten.com   Drutto.com  Earina.com Zerbot.com   Gizot.com

Gayfad.com  Maboz.com  Cretn.com  Fleji.com SedMek.com  Wibun.com

Yauma.com     Wavrs.com   Wopoc.com  Riscol.com Gasno.com Aprun.com

Yes, two-word domains are very valuable!

Many end-users feel only the best one-word .Coms should sell for millions of dollars. Absolutely not the case! Branding is key. Your words must describe your brand. Sometimes it takes two words to Brand your Business!

A two-word .Com was recently announced as one of the top sales of 2017!

The domain is MyWorld.com and it sold for $1.2M.

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Some of our best two-word .Coms are:

BarSeat.com, BankDepo.com, OfferCapital.com, CutNation.com, GayFad.com, FoxCube.com, Goosewire.com, HorseSpray.com, WireClaim.com, LandStamp.com, LongBlaze.com, LowTire.com, RealChew.com, ReliableReporter.com, WalletJob.com Ultra-Sex.com, GhostHigh.com, SpeedCream.com, SourcePeek.com, and SpeedCream.com 


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What’s a good domain worth?

The average price of a domain name sold in the secondary market — buying a domain from someone who already owns it — is in the thousands of dollars.

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Recently Dropped/Expired Domains we’ve acquired!

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Philsar.com   Panbers.com  Softro.com  HempSpecial.com  Aryex.com  Swisex.com   Godta.com    SourcePeek.com  Ramenu.com  Klicku.com

Intical.com    Isical.com     Gobful.com    Scisso.com    Kindersitz-kaufen.com